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Olympic Weightlifting PROGRAM

2x / Week Supplemental Training Program

Ever wanted to take some time and focus on learning the Olympic lifts? Did you know that Windy City has a dedicated Olympic weightlifting program? Join us! All cycles are designed for all levels of athletes who are looking to improve their Olympic weightlifting. Sessions consist of technique drills and accessory work, along with well thought-out progressions to help athletes improve their lifts. Our program will help athletes improve their weightlifting technique; as well, become more efficient. The result… athletes can expect to see consistent progress, which will allow them to break through plateaus and achieve new personal records. These sessions can be incorporated into your current training as a supplement two days per week…or used as a stand-alone program. 

  • 2x / week coached sessions (approximately 75-90 minutes each)
  • Focus on learning and perfecting the Snatch and Clean & Jerk
  • Technique drills / accessory and supplemental work to improve positioning

Are you in?

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