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Officially fall now…and with it, the push toward the new year has begun. But first…the Open! The road to the 2020 CrossFit Games begins next week! Have you signed-up yet? We’ll be participating, running Saturday morning heats…as well, Friday Night Lights events over the course of the five weeks that the CrossFit Open will be taking place. More info below. In addition to the CF Open, we’ve got another awesome AOM profile to feature and celebrate, the return of yoga, and a new 8 week trial class. All that and more below. Check it out!

Keep livin' BIG!


  • CrossFit Open Friday Night Lights — Starts Oct. 11th
    We’re bringing back Friday Night Lights! FNL is a fun night of friendly competition to kick off each week of the Open. Starting Friday, Oct 11th at 7:30 pm and every Friday night for the 5 weeks of the Open, we will have 2 or 3 athletes go head to head completing the Open workout that was announced Thursday night. You can come bring a friend, a drink/snack and cheer them on. We will run 1 or 2 heats on Friday night afterwards and there will be heats available on Saturday in lieu of our regular Saturday classes. All heats will be available for sign up on ZenPlanner, and we encourage you to sign up for aheat! Find out more and register for the Open at
  • Last Saturday Competitive Class & Team WOD — Saturday Oct. 5th
    During the 5 weeks of the Open, we will be running heats for the Open WOD in lieu of the team WOD and Competitive Classes. The last team WOD and Comp class will be this Saturday 10/5. If you haven't already signed up for the Open, we encourage everyone to do so—it's a great workout and fun to be competing on a global scale. Find out more and register for the Open at
  • Welcome your new coach!
    Bradley Hillhouse has been a big part of our community along with his wife Dyan. We’re excited to have him on board as a coach and he’s excited to grow and get to know the rest of you. Give him a high five when you see him!
  • Reserve your spot in class
    We encourage everyone to sign up for your classes through the ZenPlanner app or website. This helps us keep track of capacity in classes so we can make sure there are enough coaches per class. Thanks for your cooperation!
  • Still time to sign up for the next 6 Week Kickstart Challenge
    There's still time to sign up for the next 6 Week Kickstart, which starts with a nutritional presentation and weigh-in on Oct. 5 from 8–9am. Email if you or someone you know would like more details.
  • Yoga is back!
    Join us on one or all of the following Sundays and stretch out those muscles. These classes are complimentary to members. Don't forget! Flexibility is strength.
    10/13 - 12:30pm
    10/20 - 12:30pm
    10/27 - 12:30pm
  • Member WINs
    One of our core beliefs at Windy City is to take small steps, celebrate each little victory and enjoy the process. In an effort to do just that, we would like to start celebrating member wins. If you have one, and you’d like to share, please email Chris (!

    Greer T is back – WIN!

    Stephanie W is back — WIN!

    Hannah, Carissa, Emma Flannery, all got their first kipping pull ups — WIN!

    Ed Z: first kick up wall handstand — WIN!

    Shannon: first banded bar muscle up — WIN!

    John: first banded BMU — WIN!

    Josh: first rx BMU and got 4! — WIN!

    Zach: down 10.6 lbs / 5% BF — WIN!

    Mahmoud & Nadia: down 11 lbs / 3% BF & down 5 lbs / 2% BF — WIN!

    Sara: down 9 lbs / 5% BF — WIN!

    Abe: consecutive double-unders for the 1st time — WIN!

    Leslie: Down 23 lbs since starting in April! Her wedding is October 19th — WIN!

    Enrique: Got his first bar muscle up and then 6 more after — WIN!

    Josh: Got his first bar muscle up and then 5 more after — WIN!

    Marisa: Got her first jumping box muscle up and did them throughout the workout — WIN!

    Matt: Got his first bar muscle!! And then did one more for the video — WIN!

    Nice work everyone... keep up the good work!

  • October Challenge: Max Consecutive Double Unders
    Time to grease your ropes (jk!). This month's challenge is max consecutive double unders. You get one try, so make sure you're warmed up and ready to jump jump jump. See the results of last month's challenge here.

  • Refer a Friend. You get $100. They get $100.
    Remember the first day you stepped into Windy City? Were you nervous? Excited? Maybe a little of both? You made a big decision that day to live a better life and be the person you were meant to be. How great would it feel if you could help someone you love to make a big change in their life too? Refer a friend to Windy City today and you'll BOTH get $100 off your memberships! Refer a friend


Chris Lotz

Hard work. Dedication. Positivity. These are just a few words that describe Chris, and why he was a clear choice for October's WCSC Athlete of the Month. As a lover of life outside the gym, Chris is an avid volleyball player and triathlete. His passion for fitness and his drive to make himself better is an inspiration for us all. Well deserved, Chris. Congrats!

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Here's a list of what we're loving and learning this month:

  1. Small Paul: Adventure I'm planning

    Heading to France with some friends in November and then heading back to South Africa to visit the parents and grandparents. 

  2. Justin: Book I'm reading
    "Tribe" by Sebastian Junger—Joe Rogan and Andy Stumpf were talking / raving about it on Rogan's podcast. I was intrigued.

  3. Eloise: Clothes I'm wearing
    Outdoor Voices—Especially loving the flex shorts for the MOST AMAZING FEELING fabric, high waistbands, and perfect color selection. Click the link for 20% off your first purchase! #doingthings

  4. Taylor: Habit I'm trying
    Being more relentless. After my recent L2 seminar, I learned that I need to not settle. Demand more. Demand more from myself and my fitness. Push myself harder. Be more relentless with my athletes in class. Don't settle for a safe or OK squat, make it a phanominal squat. Constant improvements and non stop work. I need to be more relentless with everything I do. 


Why Training Hard Every Day Is a Terrible Idea


Athletes are under constant pressure to improve and accelerate their performance. A young athlete looking to make it into D1 sports can often feel like they have to do more all the time. More is better, right?

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