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You get $20. They get $20.

Remember the first day you stepped into Windy City?

Were you nervous? Excited? Maybe a little of both?

You made a big decision that day to live a better life and be the person you were meant to be.

How great would it feel if you could help someone you love to make a big change in their life too?

Refer a friend to Windy City today and you'll BOTH get a $20 gift card to O2, Born Primitive, RPM, Puori, and Four Sigmatic!*

If you know anyone who might be interested, please complete the form below and take a moment to invite them to a free class at Windy City with you. Be sure to give them a heads up that we’ll be contacting them.



  • You: $20 gift card given when your friend signs up
  • Friend: $20 gift card given at sign up
  • Friend must mention your name at sign up
  • No limit on how many referrals you can earn

Are you in?

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