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Welcome to November! We've got two months left in 2019...and we're aiming to finish strong! A lot to look forward to in the next couple of months. We've got two more CrossFit Open workouts; an 'End of the Open' charity event featuring guest Windy City SC bartenders; Barbells for Boobs / Windy City SC 12th Year Anniversary event; and, of course, two more awesome Athlete's of the Month to feature. First up...November's AOM has a fascinating career, has made some amazing progress since joining Windy City, and we couldn't be more proud of her. All that and more below. Check it out!

Keep livin' BIG!


  • Thanksgiving Hours
    Wed: Regular hours
    Thurs: Closed
    Fri: 8–1 for Open Gym / 8:30, 9:30, 12pm for classes
  • Farewell, Coach Eloise!
    It's been over 5 years since Eloise walked in the doors at Windy City. Starting as a member, then intern, then coach. Eloise's dedication to studying and teaching strength and conditioning is inspirational and admirable. Oct 31st was her last day. We will miss her and we wish her the best in her next chapter. Thank you, Coach Eloise.
  • "End of the Open" Party + Cheers for Change — Nov. 15th
    Another Crossfit Open season is coming to an end! To celebrate we’re having an End of the Open party that is also a fundraiser for The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. We’re partaking in their event called “Cheers for Change” on Friday November 15th from 6:30-10:30 pm at FatPour Tap Works. We’ll have guest bartenders representing WCSC and all tips collected that evening and on the fundraising webpages will go directly to the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. Please email Yolanda Madison at if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!
  • WCSC Anniversary Party + Barbells for Boobs Event — Dec. 14th
    Get sweaty with us in the morning, then get cleaned up in the evening for this full day of celebration!

    Morning: Fight Gone Bad WOD x Barbells for Boobs
    Join us the morning of Dec. 14th with a classic old school CF workout (Fight Gone Bad) and fundraiser for Barbells for Boobs. To date, WCSC members have raised over $21,000 for this awesome organization. Everyone has a right to know if they’re living with breast cancer. There’s a tremendous need for all types of support, from being proactive, to detection, treatment and survivorship. Learn more and sign up today—it's all about having fun!

    Evening: WCSC Anniversary Party at Schubas
    Leave the gym clothes in the laundry and break out your finest holiday outfits to celebrate WCSC's 12th anniversary the evening of Dec. 14th. This is a great way to meet people, and we promise, you won't want to miss this!
    - Location: Schubas
    - Time: 8pm–???
  • Welcome Adam and Stephanie!
    Please welcome Coach Adam and his wife Stephanie to our staff. Adam has been in the PT world for several years and he and Stephanie both have their CF-L1’s. You’ll see Stephanie at the front desk helping Chris with member services and Adam coaching some of the afternoon classes. Give them a high five when you see them!
  • Reserve your spot in class
    We encourage everyone to sign up for your classes through the ZenPlanner app or website. This helps us keep track of capacity in classes so we can make sure there are enough coaches per class. Thanks for your cooperation!
  • Yoga is pending
    Sunday yoga schedule is still pending Lily’s availability - stay tuned.
  • Member WINs
    One of our core beliefs at Windy City is to take small steps, celebrate each little victory and enjoy the process. In an effort to do just that, we would like to start celebrating member wins. If you have one, and you’d like to share, please email Chris (!

    Jimmy up 3lbs of muscle down 4.5% BF — WIN!

    Leslie down 23 lbs since joining in April. Her wedding was October 19th. Congrats! — WIN!

    Enrique got his first bar muscle up and then 6 more after — WIN!

    Josh got his first bar muscle up and then 5 more after — WIN!

    Marisa got her first jumping box muscle up and did them throughout the workout — WIN!

    Matt just got his first bar muscle up and then did one more for the video — WIN!

    El got her first bar muscle ups! She’s been trying for 4 years — WIN!

    Hannah got her first T2B — WIN!

    Liz Cole got her first chest to bar and then kipped 2 together — WIN!

    Ed got his first kipping banded chest to bars —WIN!

    Ken strung together bar muscle ups for the first time, 3 total — WIN!

    Emily got her first kipping HSPUs — WIN!

    Scott got a Power Clean PR — WIN!

    Nick is “down two pant sizes” — WIN!

    Nice work everyone... keep up the good work!

  • November Challenge: Wall Sits for Max Time
    Sitting at a computer...sitting at the dinner table...sitting in front of the TV watching Schitt's Creek...let's put all that sitting to the test! This month's challenge is wall sits for max time. Let the burning begin! Congrats to everyone who participated in last month's challenge. Looks like Disco and Alex took the cake.

  • Refer a Friend. You get $100. They get $100.
    Remember the first day you stepped into Windy City? Were you nervous? Excited? Maybe a little of both? You made a big decision that day to live a better life and be the person you were meant to be. How great would it feel if you could help someone you love to make a big change in their life too? Refer a friend to Windy City today and you'll BOTH get $100 off your memberships! Refer a friend



Outgoing, passionate and fearless are the words that come to mind when our coaches describe Marisa. A zookeeper of 17 years, she started at Windy City as part of our 6-Week Challenge and has been extremely dedicated to getting stronger and healthier ever since. Why? Because working with African Safari animals like rhinos and giraffes is quite a physical job. Marisa lives BIG with very BIG animals.

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Here's a list of what we're loving and learning this month:

  1. Taylor: Thing I'm loving
    Learning more about mechanics and engineering—I know this is totally random. haha. However,I have been helping rebuild a classic 1966 Chevy Pick up truck on the weekends. I find it very facinating to learn the functions and details of motors. I have been learning a lot. I also just really enjoy working with my hands and being active outside. So it is very educating, and theraptuic. It is nice to hear a motor run that you have rebuilt from total scratch. A different kind of accomplishment. I just like to expand and learn about new things.
  2. Esther: Book I'm reading
    "Traction" by Gino Wickman—Was recommended to run an efficient operating system for any business.

  3. Travis: Show I'm watching
    Chernobyl—I love history and the show is just flat out amazing. Trying to get over the massive disappointment of GoT.  

  4. Justin: Adventure I'm planning
    Michigan vs Ohio State football game—Taking Rhoda (my daughter) to her first ever Michigan game...and introducing her to the rivalry. I grew up outside of Ann Arbor, am a University of Michigan alum, and am excited to take her to her first game. She's fired up!



The second workout of the 2020 Open asked athletes to perform as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of 4 dumbbell thrusters, 6 toes-to-bars, and 24 double-unders. For many, there wasn’t a need to intentionally break up the sets (although many double-under sets were frustratingly broken due to trips and misses). The best performers in this workout breezed through smooth and unbroken rounds, with few if any misses on the double-unders. For those athletes, it was largely a difference of rest and transition time. Here's a look at who participated, which workout versions they chose, and how they fared. Read more


The 2020 Open represents a turning point in the CrossFit Games season, for the first time taking place in October instead of February. Also, with 53% of Open participants living outside the U.S., the 2020 Open marks the first time international participants outnumber their U.S.-based counterparts. In this article, the analysts at CrossFit Beyond the Whiteboard highlight interesting statistics from 20.1. Which countries had the most participants? How competitive were participants around the world? What pace did an athlete need to maintain to finish the workout? How far along were most athletes when the 15-minute time cap hit? Here’s a look at 20.1 by the numbers. Read more



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