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Fall is officially here! Pumpkins, apple picking, Halloween! And speaking of Halloween... Please consider joining us for a little after hours Halloween partner workout and party on October 26th. More details below. Beyond that, we're excited about a number of events we have coming up in the not so distant future...including a Performance Breathing Workshop and our 3rd Annual Barbells For Boobs event. As well, we're fired up to feature a long-time Windy City member as our October 2018 Athlete of the Month. All that and more below. Check it out!

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  • Please sign in at the kiosk before/after your workouts
    We’ll be honest, we've been pretty lax about checking you in before your workout. But we need to make this mandatory so we can keep tabs on how full classes are in order for you to get the best experience at the gym. So starting today, please make checking in at the kiosk part of your workout routine. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

  • 6 Week Kickstart Challenge:
    Back and better than ever. Our 6 Week Kickstart Challenge is open to all -- members and non-members -- and includes individualized nutrition, accountability, and of course the quality training with excellent coaches you receive at Windy City. If you're looking to re-focus after a fun-filled summer, dial back in the nutrition, and be held accountable to making some real change...consider participating in the Kickstart Challenge. We have had some amazing success stories since January. Special member pricing is available. Reach out to Chris for more info and to get signed-up ( Starts 10/22!

  • Mile Challenge:
    Thanks for those who came out to test their mile run this past Saturday and get their names on the Windy City Challenge board. We had some noteable -- we believe -- PRs!

    Lori: 7:10
    Brad: 5:30
    Christine: 7:32
    Mel: 6:31
    Ted: 5:55

  • Airrosti "Ask the Doc" Night:
    Dr. Ashley Welch will be at Windy City Strength & Conditioning TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9th, from 4:30pm – 6:30pm, for an Ask the Doc Night offering complimentary injury assessments to any members suffering from pain or an injury. These 15-minute appointments will allow them to properly assess and diagnose the source of your pain while discussing next steps to ensure you don’t miss a beat in your workouts and day to day activities.

    Join us after hours (7:30pm -- ???) on October 26th for a little Halloween fun -- Windy City style. We'll be having a fun Halloween costume partner workout, followed by drinks and snacks in the member lobby. We'll be awarding prizes for best team costume...and top performing team(s). Grab a partner and sign-up for a heat HERE!

    There are endless health and performance benefits that come with the ability to tap into the immense capacity of your breath. Come join us on November 11th as we introduce and share with you specialized breathing methods that can heighten your oxygen levels, unlock your aerobic capacity to its fullest potential, and increase your performance in the gym and life.

    Did you know...?

    Breathing leads to 
    -Toxic Carbon Dioxide leaving your system
    -Vital Oxygen flooding your body and repairing weak cells
    -Alkalizing your system.(Raising your PH) Making your body more basic.

    Breath retention lasting about 1-2minutes leads to lower oxygen tension in your blood.  Signals your brain to awaken.  Like a reset switch in your brain bringing you back to harmony.

    When oxygen is then reintroduced in the body there is a sense of euphoria, a controlled release of adrenaline gives you a natural "high."

    Breathing properly assists in both the preparation for athletic output and for recovery after a workout is complete.

    November 18th
    10am @ Windy City SC
    Sign up HERE!

    Everyone has a right to know if they’re living with breast cancer. There’s a tremendous need for all types of support, from being proactive, to detection, treatment and survivorship. Help Windy City raise money to support @BarbellsforBoobs.

    Our Goal: $20,000 by Dec. 1
    Any donation gets you a free ticket to our Barbell for Boobs group workout charity event.

    Charity Event: Dec. 1, 8am–Noon (Save the date. More details to come.)

    There are a few ways in which you can help us reach this goal:
    Option 1: Donate any amount directly to team Windy City

    Option 2: Donate any amount to any Windy City fundraising team member (it all counts toward team Windy City total).

    Option 3: Create your own fundraising page by joining the Windy City team and raise as much as you can. Simply create a page and select Windy City as your team. Then spread the word! This is a great option if you have a wide network of people to reach out to.


Steven Blutter

I’ve been a classes guy for about 35  years. Windy City’s approach to CrossFit is the best workout protocol I’ve ever encountered.  I love the balance of strength, endurance, skills, adequate rest/recovery and nutrition.

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Here's a list of what we're loving and learning this month:

  1. Chris: Book I'm reading
    "Fight Club" by Chuck Palahniuk—Reading it for an online summer class I'm taking.

  2. Esther: Thing I'm loving
    Nutribullet Blender—I've been making all kinds of smoothies sneaking in a ton of veggies before they go bad!

  3. Molloy: Shoes I'm wearing
    Gentle Soul Sandals—Love them. All their shoes are comfortable and cute.

  4. Justin: Habit I'm trying
    Meditation—Baby steps (10 minutes a day). I've been off and on with meditation for years...but I always notice that I start feeling better once I'm consistent.


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