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As we head into the homestretch of 2018, we've got a lot to be excited about...and thankful for. We're excited to be celebrating our 11th year in business this coming December...and excited to celebrate it with all of YOU! December 1st...join us for our annual Barbells for Boobs event in the morning; then join us later in the evening at Dovetail Brewery (just across the tracks on Ravenswood) as we celebrate 11 years, and the start of the holiday season. In addition, we have a number of other events happening in November. And... a brand new AOM feature that we're fired-up to share. All that and more below. Check it out!

Keep livin' BIG!


  • Thanksgiving Holiday Hours:

    Wednesday, November 21st

    Normal Hours

    Thursday, November 22nd

    Friday, November 23rd
    8am class
    9am class
    10am–12pm open gym

  • Barbells for Boobs Workout Charity Event:
    Everyone has a right to know if they're living with breast cancer. There's a tremendous need for all types of support, from being proactive, to detection, treatment and survivorship. Join us for our annual charity workout and help Windy City raise money to support Barbells for Boobs.

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  • Breath Control Workshop:
    There are endless health and performance benefits that come with the ability to tap into the immense capacity of your breath. Come join us on November 18th as we introduce and share with you specialized breathing methods that can heighten your oxygen levels, unlock your aerobic capacity to its fullest potential, and increase your performance in the gym and life.

    Did you know...? Breathing leads to...
    - Toxic Carbon Dioxide leaving your system
    - Vital Oxygen flooding your body and repairing weak cells
    - Alkalizing your system.(Raising your PH) Making your body more basic.

    Breath retention lasting about 1-2minutes leads to lower oxygen tension in your blood.  Signals your brain to awaken.  Like a reset switch in your brain bringing you back to harmony.

    When oxygen is then reintroduced in the body there is a sense of euphoria, a controlled release of adrenaline gives you a natural "high."

    Breathing properly assists in both the preparation for athletic output and for recovery after a workout is complete.

    November 18th
    10am @ Windy City SC

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  • Airrosti "Ask the Doc" Night:
    Dr. Ashley Welch will be at Windy City Strength & Conditioning TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13th, from 4:30pm – 6:30pm, for an 'Ask the Doc' Night offering complimentary injury assessments to any members suffering from pain or an injury. These 15-minute appointments will allow them to properly assess and diagnose the source of your pain while discussing next steps to ensure you don’t miss a beat in your workouts and day to day activities.

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  • $100 Gift Certificates for $10 each:
    Coming soon! Keep your eyes open for our Pre-Black Friday Sale. We'll be selling gift certificates worth $100 for only $10, valid for new members to use on any membership or punchcard. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for friends and family who want to take back their life and start living BIG like you!

  • Broadway Camp For Adults:
    Hallie Hohner, one of your fellow Windy City members, started Broadway Camp for Adults, a recreational adult musical theatre workshop for people of all experience levels; from those who love performing and want to do more of it, to those who are curious about performing in a musical and simply enjoy singing, to those who want to reconnect with a past passion for theater. Their premier performance, Corner of the Sky, is a revue of inspiring musical theater pieces. Everyone from the Windy City crew is invited to see the performance, and consider joining them next time!

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Karla Flannery

Turning 50 is certainly momentous. You realize you are past the mid-point and life isn’t going to go on forever. It’s a time to evaluate what’s important and what’s not. I didn’t want to run from my age, I wanted to embrace my age, my life and my body. And as a mother, it became even more important to show my daughters how to live a healthy life and love their bodies, starting now.

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Here's a list of what we're loving and learning this month:

  1. Jim: Book I'm reading
    "Magpie Murders" by Anthony Horowitz—Just finished this audiobook while my wife and I were on a long car ride. It's a murder mystery with lots of twists.

  2. Esther: Habit I'm trying
    I'm trying to make an effort to actually CALL my friends and family semi regularly even if it's just to say hello and ask what they're having for dinner. I think we get so caught up in texting...For example, my aunt and uncle shouldn't be surprised that I called just to say hi. I think that extra effort to make sure people know that they're cared about and you're thinking of them means the world.

  3. Justin: What I'm wearing
    Windy City training shorts—Love how they fit / feel. Never train without them. New designs coming soon, and available at the front desk.

  4. Taylor: Adventure I'm planning
    Snowboarding—Trying to go again this winter. It has been three years and I miss it!


Greg Glassman: Making People Better


"I know I'm gonna make you better," says Greg Glassman to the doctors of the latest MDL1 in Aromas, California. "Do functional movement at an intensity that's at a match for your psychological and physical tolerance, restrict your carbs, get adequate protein, enjoy fats, and see what happens. You'll come out better."

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Now thru Nov. 10th

Max Capacity by Nova 3 Labs is a pill capsule taken once before you work out to enhance performance.

Use Max Capacity to support these physical functions:

  • Razor sharp mental focus in training
  • Increasing your rate of perceived exertion and effort (prolonging time to fatigue)
  • Increased lactate threshold to support faster times, more weight lifted, and general physical athletic performance
  • Pair Max Capacity with Max Perform for the perfect pre-workout recipe

$45 $38.25 each available in the Windy City store


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