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MARCH 2019

What's up Windy City!

It’s about this time, nearly 12 years ago, when the wheels started to be set in motion for the creation of Windy City Strength & Conditioning.

When we started the gym back in 2007, we knew that CrossFit and our style of training could transform lives. We were the first CrossFit in Chicago, before it was a thing, starting out in a tiny storefront on Irving Park Road with a handful of members. While the location has changed over the years, our purpose remains strong and will never change—to give you the best coaches, to nurture a like-minded community and to offer specialized programming that allows you to improve your health and well-being so you can live your strongest life.

We’re excited for the future of Windy City and what we have planned to continue to serve you, get you results, lift you up, and be an inspiring place to come to every day. We will continue to care, listen, learn and help as many people as we can. We can’t express enough how special all of you have made Windy City, and we look forward to seeing what you’re capable of next.

You made a big decision to improve your life the day you walked through our doors, and Windy City just wouldn’t be the same without you.

Thank you for being here and for being YOU.

And as always...

Keep livin' BIG!


  • Supp Saturday
    Refuel after 19.2 this Saturday (March 2nd) with a post workout protein blend shake. We’ll be giving out free samples of our new protein blend from Prestige Labs...Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream!
  • If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It
    Reminder… Zen Planner offers workout tracking! With the app, you can... view published workouts; record your results for each workout; and view leaderboards for results logged each day. If you haven't downloaded the app, click on the links below to view it in the iTunes or Google Play store.
  • Join Us
    March 2nd -- after 19.2, we’ve got a crew heading over to the Piggery on Irving Park to unwind, hang, and tell war stories about the battle that just was.

    March 23rd -- Celebrate the ‘End of the Open’ with your Windy City crew. We’ll be starting the afternoon at Dovetail Brewery, reminiscing about the Open, cursing Dave Castro, and having ourselves a time. We hope you can make it!
  • Windy City Backcountry Live BIG Experience -- We’ve got a few spots left
    At Windy City, we believe in training for life, getting outside the gym, exploring the world and seeking new adventures with an amazing group of people. We've teamed up with a local adventure outfitter to offer you this one of a kind experience to put your fitness to the test, learn about natural ecosystems and master backcountry survival skills. Learn more
  • CrossFit Open
    Just another friendly reminder that you do NOT need to be officially signed-up for the CrossFit Open to join us each Saturday during the Open. All workouts can be scaled, modified to fit your current fitness level. And… it’s fun! Join us!
  • 60 Second Challenge
    We’re introducing something fun. Each month, we’ll be putting out a fitness challenge -- to be completed within the first 10 days of the month -- with prizes for top male and female. This month? We’ve got a doozie… 60 sec max cals on the Assault Bike! Scores must be verified -- or provide video evidence -- by a Windy City coach...and winners will receive a FREE tub of our new protein blend from Prestige Labs!
  • February Check-In Challenge
    Congrats to all who made it in to Windy City 16+ times in the month of February. Be on the lookout for a very special ‘Jim Live’ next Monday where we’ll draw the lucky winner. This month’s prize? Fast Results -- Sleep Multiplier / Burn AM / Intra / Pre -- supplement pack from Prestige Labs!


Mary Lubben

Mary Lubben has mastered consistency with a great spirit! Every training session of Mary's is completed with superior feedback and the greatest of detail. Always looking for the best way to move her body efficiently, she is incredibly teachable and curious. She embraces the idea of Live BIG as she takes every opportunity she can to use her fitness in and out of the gym. From celebrating impressive gymnastic strength milestones to her adventurous, biking adventures across the country and the city, Mary is truly driven and a joy to be around.

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Here's a list of what we're loving and learning this month:

  1. Justin: Habit I'm trying
    Gratitude / 5 minute journal—To see the positive benefits of gratitude...and to take -- at least -- 5 minutes a day to be still, reflect and record.

  2. Eloise: Book I'm reading
    Outdoor Voices Apparel—Definitely the "hipster" Lululemon. All for their sustainable options of recycled polyester and responsibly made Merino all ethically manufactured.

  3. Taylor: Thing I'm loving
    Zevia—I don't drink soda because of the negative health aspects like sugar, however I do miss the flavors and taste. Zevia is great and I have been addicted. Tastes just like soda, but zero cals, sugar, caffeine, etc. It's the best! 

  4. Small Paul: What I'm reading
    Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less—Everyone's got a ton going on and it helps to prioritize your life and focus on what is the most important to you. It's a refreshing read to get in a good mindset and understand how to schedule your day, instead of having your day schedule you.


The CrossFit Games Season: A Uniquely Valuable Opportunity for Other People (OPINION)

by Jeffrey Cain, CEO of CrossFit, Inc. via

There are more athletes competing in more CrossFit competitions in more places around the globe than ever. CrossFit, Inc. hasn’t abandoned the sport of fitness, it’s stewarding its longevity.

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