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What's up Windy City!

As we begin our 13th year here at Windy City, we’re excited about 2020 and we hope you are too! We’ve come a long way—thanks to all of you—since first opening our doors back in 2007. The mission has always been to help people live the strongest lives they can imagine...through fitness, nutrition, and being part of a welcoming and supportive community. And with that said, we’ve got a solid crew of 6 Week Kickstarters beginning their journey with us this month, so be sure to welcome them all with open arms and show them how Windy City is more than ‘just a gym.’ As well, we’ve got another amazing AOM to feature for January. And… brand new bikes! BIG Thank You to all of you who have and continue to support Windy City. Let’s make 2020 amazing!

Keep livin' BIG!


  • January Challenge: Max Burpee Box Jump Over in 60sec
    This month's challenge is no joke! 20in for the women, 24in for the men. Our challenge to YOU is to challenge a friend (or foe) to go head to head. Have fun, and we look forward to seeing how everyone does this month.

    December Challenge Winners:
    Female Winner: Tiffany - 13 strict chinups in 60s
    Male Winner: Larry - 17 strict chinups in 60s
    Congrats to everyone who participated!
  • Done For You Meals…for our Windy City community!
    Nutrition: often neglected, but more important than ever in our quest for health, performance and longevity. At Windy City SC, we truly believe that nutrition is the base. You can’t outwork a bad diet. We also know that eating the right foods — and how much — is the tough part; training is the easy part. And that’s why we’re fired up to now offer ‘Done For You Meals’ for our amazing Windy City community. Why ‘Done For You Meals?’

    • Every meal has 24-48g of protein
    • All are macro-friendly
    • Vegan options
    • Cooked fresh day of order…and next day delivery to your doorstep
    • Vacuum sealed to immediately preserve freshness…allows meals to last 3 x longer (aka, no more throwing away food that has gone bad)
    • No more smelly fridges
    • Save hours each week since the shopping, cooking and cleaning are already done for you
    • Unlimited variety of flavors. All meals are single ingredient, giving YOU the control to season and sauce the way you want. 

    Learn more
  • Member WINs
    One of our core beliefs at Windy City is to take small steps, celebrate each little victory and enjoy the process. In an effort to do just that, we would like to start celebrating member wins. If you have one, and you’d like to share, please email Steph.

    In addition to these awesome PRs, we also had the following WINS last month:

    • Lori Eich hit her 3RM front squat = 165lbs — WIN!
    • Claire Dunham was runner up in her office baking contest — WIN!
    • Scott Simpson got his first strict muscle-up — WIN!
    • Josh got his first strict muscle-up — WIN!
    • Drew got his first strict muscle-up — WIN!
    • Larry got his first strict muscle-up — WIN!

    Great job everyon—KEEP IT UP!!
  • Last chance to join the 6-Week Kickstart
    Weigh-ins on Jan. 4th. Get on this deal if you are looking to:

    • Lose Weight
    • Lose Body Fat
    • Get Stronger
    • Get Faster

    Sign Up
  • Reserve your spot in class
    We encourage everyone to sign up for your classes through the ZenPlanner app or website. This helps us keep track of capacity in classes so we can make sure there are enough coaches per class. Thanks for your cooperation!
  • Yoga is back!
    Join us for a free class. Non-members welcome.
    Jan. 5th - 12:30pm
    Jan. 19th - 12:30pm
    Jan. 26th - 12:30pm


Irma Garza

A long-time cross country and track runner, Irma discovered CrossFit for the first time last year and says that finding Windy City has been like finding a home away from home. We're so excited to have her as our first 2020 athlete because she defines living BIG as showing up for your loved ones, showing love to everyone, and making others laugh—something she claims her evening class "goon squad" excels at. This is well deserved, Irma! Congrats!!

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Here's a list of what we're loving and learning this month:

  1. Taylor: Book I'm reading
    ROAR: How to Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Unique Female Physiology for Optimum Performance, Great Health, and a Strong, Lean Body for Life—A member Laura who is a PT recomended it to me. I haven't started yet but the book is ordered. This book teaches you everything you need to know to adapt your nutrition, hydration, and training to your unique physiology so you can work with, rather than against, your female physiology. Exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist Stacy T. Sims, PhD, shows you how to be your own biohacker to achieve optimum athletic performance.
  2. Travis: Thing I'm loving
    Spending time with my wife—Since our marriage in July of 2018 we have been working, working, and more working with the both of us establishing our careers. But as of the summer of 2019 things have slowed down and we both have been able to spend the quality time that we have missed since before our marriage.
  3. Steph: Adventure I'm planning
    Getting Married in Mexico in July—Because its warm, its fun, and it's a celebration!
  4. Bradley: Show I'm watching
    Where to start? Peaky Blinders, Haunted...Waiting for the next season of Man in the High Castle. The Righteous Gemstones. I’ve made it into Season Ten of Unsolved Mysteries since the Spring. I’ve really been into the show ”Hot Ones” this week. I fell in love with television as my babysitter long ago as a child.


The 2020 New Years Resolutions that will actually improve your life, according to experts


As 38 percent of Americans prepare to take on at least one New Year's resolution in 2020, most (51 percent) are hoping to tidy up their finances, eat more healthfully (51 percent) or exercise more (50 percent), according to Ipsos.

For many, these well-intentioned plans will have faded from view by February, but some—almost 20 percent of resolvers, according to one study from the University of Scranton—will create meaningful, long-term change. What's more, researcher John Norcross found that those who make formal resolutions are 10 times more likely to reach their goals than non-resolvers.

Ahead of the new decade, Newsweek reached out to leading advice givers, wellness professionals and happiness experts for their top resolution recommendations for roaring into the 2020s.

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