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2019 is here! …and we’re aiming to make this the best year yet at Windy City. We’re looking forward to another 12 months of health, fitness, events, challenges, Jim Live’s, and…FUN! And it all starts now! We’ve got 30+ kickstarting their health and fitness journey with Windy City this month — be sure to welcome them to our amazing, supportive community. Remember, we were all beginners once…and it’s intimidating to walk through those doors for the first time. On top of that, we’ve got the CrossFit Open coming up…SOON…and we’ll have you ready with our Open Prep Program. More info on that below. Beside that, we’re — as always — fired up to profile a new AOM. All that and more below. Here’s to a great 2019!

Keep livin' BIG!


  • Introducing Prestige Labs Supplements
    Formulated by PhDs. Trusted by Olympians. Prestige Labs produces high-quality supplements for professional athletes and Olympians, made by one of the best minds in biochemistry, Dr. Trevor Kashey, PhD.

    For the past several months we've personally been working with and learning from Dr. Kashey, and can't speak highly enough about him. We were so impressed by his credentials, passion and products that we’ve since made it a mission to make Windy City a distributor of his supplements so you can try them yourselves and take advantage of our distributor discounts (40% OFF)!

    Now, Windy City is proudly one of a limited number of gyms throughout the U.S. and Canada that have been approved and licensed to distribute these supplements—what we believe to be the best on the market.

    Take advantage of our 40% discount! We have a bunch of information on our Prestige Labs page, or don’t hesitate to email us with questions at

  • Open Prep Program: Starts Jan. 19th
    The CrossFit Open is Feb 21 – March 25, 2019. Are you ready?

    2016 was the year of Matt Fraser and Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir
    2017 was the year of Matt Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey
    2018 was the year of Matt Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey...AGAIN!
    2019...could it be YOU?

    Realistically... might be a long shot. But hey!... might still be fun to try!! For most of us, the goal each Open season is to attack weaknesses, move up the leaderboard and/or see tangible fitness gains. And of course, have FUN!

    The Windy City team has put together an awesome CF Open Prep Program that will leave you confident, capable and ready for the five week gauntlet that is sure to be the 2019 Open. There will be metcons...strength...gymnastics...conditioning...etc. Oh my!

    The WC Open Prep Program starts Jan. 19th, so sign up soon before it fills up!

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  • Windy City Bulls Game
    On Saturday, Feb. 9th at 7pm the Chicago Bulls take on the Wizards. Join your fellow athletes for a fun night! Please ask the front desk to charge your account for tickets...we will need a final head count ASAP!

  • Welcome Coach Jeff!
    We'd like to officially welcome Coach Jeff to the team! Please give him a REALLY high five next time you see him. Glad to have you on board.


Anna Mesa

One who never quits, gives it her all, and does it all with a smile, Anna is what CrossFit is all about. From swimming and water polo to Tough Mudders and CrossFit competitions, she's a versatile athlete with a lot of heart. She doesn't shy away from friendly competition, but will always help and encourage her fellow athletes. Congratulations, Anna, on being our 2019 New Year Athlete of the Month. You deserve this moment!

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Here's a list of what we're loving and learning this month:

  1. Eloise: Habit I'm trying
    Halo Sport Headphones
    Currently completing my own personal science experiment of using my Halo Sport Headphones during visualization. To see the (hopefully positive) results on my olympic lifts, particularily focusing on my snatch.

  2. Esther: Book I'm reading
    The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien—​I love rereading old nerdy classics, especially in the fantasy genre. 

  3. Molloy: Thing I'm loving
    My Chanel Foundation—Light weight and has spf 15.

  4. Justin: Show I'm watching
    The Americans—Just finished binging this show on Amazon. So good! Not a big TV show guy...but when I get sucked in, I go all-in. Finished six seasons in about two weeks. Love learning about that whole world and era.


How Greg Glassman is Reshaping the CrossFit Games

by Justin Lofranco from

“The plan is to restructure the company, de-emphasize the Games…change the very structure of the Games to something that’s more sustainable and fundamentally globalize the Games,” Glassman said. “This is the path to 150,000 affiliates and we’re excited about it.”

The new CrossFit Games season: What you need to know. In an exclusive interview on Thursday, Glassman outlined to us the broad strokes of the restructured Games season, but more announcements will be coming and the 2019 rulebook, which will outline all specifics related to the Games, will be coming out later this year.

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Prestige Labs Supplements

The supplement industry is unregulated. Most products are untested for purity, and produced in facilities that fail inspections. Pure, high-quality ingredients can be expensive, so it’s easy for companies to cut corners. Prestige Labs has changed all of that, and now you can save 40% through the Windy City distributor discount.

Prestige Labs supplements are:

  • Formulated by Dr. Kashey and his team
    •  Got PhD in Biochemistry at age 20 (the youngest in U.S. history)
    •  Got a Bachelors degree in Chemistry at age 17
    •  Finished High School at age 15
    •  Took SATs when he was 11
    •  World record breaker in Strongman
    •  Olympic advisor for nutrition and supplementation for a host of countries
    •  Advises a number of olympians and professional clients
    •  Personally tested over 3,000 ingredients to formulate the best possible line of supplements
  • Manufactured by the same facility that supplies Whole Foods
    •  GMC-certified
    •  Never failed an inspection
    •  Every batch is tested for purity, both at the bulk stage and at final mixing
  • Trusted by Physicians—multiple physicians have endorsed this line
  • Used by Olympians—one being original WCSC member, Lauren Regula
  • Used by professional athletes
  • Uncompromised—they refuse to cut corners

To put it simply, Dr. Kashey was tired of the crappy supplements on the market, and decided to put his PhD to work to create the purest line of supplements possible. It’s for these reasons that we believe Prestige Labs are the best supplements on the market today.

Read more here

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