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A collection of mind-blowing adventures that we've vetted for you to experience on your own. At Windy City Strength & Conditioning, we believe the quality of our health determines the quality of our lives—and nothing is more important than that. We believe real fitness is about strengthening and conditioning your body and mind in the gym so you can get out of the gym, explore the world, seek new adventures and be the person you were meant to be. That's why we started LiveBIG Adventures.

Join Windy City coaches and members as they travel the globe, seeking the most adventurous ways to get out there and use their fitness—then share their stories and experiences so you can do it too. Check out our featured adventures below and start LIVING BIG with us!

Adventure No. 01

San Juan Huts: 215-mile Mountain Bike Tour from Durango to Moab

Join Cheston and Justin as they set out on a mountain bike trip from Durango to Moab, testing their physical and mental grit and having the time of their lives. The San Juan Hut System follows 215-miles of secondary dirt roads from Durango, CO across the high alpine terrain of the San Juan Mountains to the desert slickrock and canyon country of Moab, UT.

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Adventure No. 02


Join Patrick, Kyle and Justin as they kayak the white waters of North Carolina for 5 days. They chose the Nantahala Outdoor Center's 5-Day Kayaking Clinic because they wanted to fully immerse themselves in something they had no experience with (and even some fears about) so they could come out on the other end with a new set of skills and have fun along the way.

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Adventure No. 03


Join Ingrid as she recounts her experience completeing the GORUCK Heavy challenge with members Duke and Lance. GORUCK leads military-style team-building endurance events called GORUCK Challenges, more popularly known by levels of difficulty: Light, Tough and Heavy. She did her first GORUCK event after completing the Windy City Murph Training. She fell in love with the style of training, the teamwork involved, and bridging the gap between military and civilian life.

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