Esther Kim

Esther Kim


• CF-L1

Esther grew up in South Florida as the hyperactive kid who could not sit still long enough to practice any classical instrument much to her parent’s dismay. With a gymnastics background, she also competed in all-star cheerleading, golf, lacrosse, swimming, and water polo. Naturally, her love of sports and her interest in medicine led her to earn a B.S. in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine and an M.S. in Medical Sciences/Pediatric Sports Medicine. She has worked in collegiate athletics and in the clinic working with world-class athletes to the elderly teaching rehabilitation exercises.

Post grad school Esther found getting the motivation to workout at her local globo gym was extremely difficult. She would repeatedly snooze her alarm before dragging herself to the stair master for 20 minutes and do “upper body” or “lower-body” day exercises. She found group classes by accident when renovations made her globo gym close for a few days and offer free group classes next door. Esther reluctantly tried a class and fell in love with the atmosphere and the intensity of workout being pushed by other people. Eventually, she joined her local Crossfit gym and started teaching classes at both gyms.

The community of people of all ages and fitness levels is truly what inspires Esther. There’s nothing more humbling when the 70-year-old next to you is giving their best effort and offering a sweaty high five and a huge smile after class. The biggest change she has noticed personally is the mental shift from dreading going to the gym to it becoming such a lifestyle that you’re excited to go and workout with your friends! Esther strives to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable even if it's your very first class. Her background in sports medicine makes her focus on safety and quality of movement for each member. Esther jokes that she drank the Koolaid and she’s loving it!