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The science of nutrition is relatively simple.

The solution, however, is more than science; more than chemistry.

We're all human. We generally know what to eat; know we should stay hydrated with water; but, know little when it comes to how much to eat and when.

We know why we need to eat the right things, yet we choose to eat the wrong things.

This is why Windy City's unique protocol is 10% food (chemistry) and 90% behavior.

Let us develop your behavior based strategy for long term, and conclusive success to your nutrition problems.

To schedule a strategy appointment, please email info@windycitycrossfit.com

"This past January marked three years for me of doing CrossFit (two and half years at CrossFit Defined Lincoln Square and six months at Windy City). And over those three years, I grew stronger, connected to two great communities of athletes, and was having tons of fun. And while I was feeling better and stronger than when I started CrossFit, I was not feeling great. Energy levels were inconsistent and my gut never seemed to feel right. I knew fixing my nutrition was the answer to feeling better, but I wanted nothing to do with unsustainable diet plans, was afraid of losing the gains I had made in strength and muscle mass, and was concerned about the mental effects of tracking and weighing all my food. So with these questions and concerns in mind, I sat down with Justin in January to learn more about his approach to nutrition. I voiced my concerns and Justin listened. He invited me to work with him in developing a new lifestyle around food, not a diet plan. This new lifestyle of “tracking my macros” does involve tracking and weighing my food, but there is flexibility built in as well. The goal was and remains a healthy sustainable lifestyle that fuels me for workouts, but ultimately allows me to enjoy life with family and friends. And after 4 months of developing this new lifestyle and establishing a new relationship with food, the results have been remarkable. The stats are telling: I lost 23 pounds, dropped 7.5% body-fat, and lost only one pound of lean muscle mass. But more importantly, for the first time in a long time, I feel great. My energy levels are up, my gut feels healthy. And now food is both fuel AND something to enjoy. I am thankful for Justin and all his time and work with me, and look forward to new gains at Windy City in the months and years to come!”
-- Erik Borggren

“My experience with the WCSC customized nutrition program has been exceptional! This was a great addition to my overall health and fitness regime. Due to the personalized plan and attention to detail from the knowledgeable team at WCSC, I am stronger, leaner, faster and able to put in more effort during my training. But more importantly, I now have the tools and discipline to apply simple and effective changes to my diet to enhance my overall health, fitness and well-being without drastically altering my lifestyle. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to increase their performance and/or get leaner.”
-- Brian Ringley

“I’ve been working with Justin in various training capacities for the past 5 years at Windy City Strength and Conditioning- TAP Team, Ruck Club, Individual Training, etc.  In 2018 we shifted gears and focused primarily on strength based cycles with supplemental endurance work and nutrition coaching (trained for the Chicago Marathon, GORUCK Star Course and the infamous Frozen Otter).  The training had a different focus from the traditional cross fit programming that I had been accustomed to, which caused some initial hesitation, but in the end I'm glad that I trusted the process and plan that Justin had sketched out.  Why?  Simply put, the gains I made in strength training, endurance capacity and body composition were unprecedented.  I felt great during the marathon, crushed the GORUCK StarCourse & look forward to taking on the Frozen Otter for the 3rd attempt.  Justin's programming, nutrition coaching and guidance is a highly effective combination for all athletes.  Nutrition accountability, hard work and trusting/enjoying the process were the keys for me.  Whether you're just getting into training or looking to take it to the next level, I highly recommend working with Justin to accomplish your goals.” 
-- Dave Rockovich

“When Justin was back in town in late September, we were talking about some challenges I was experiencing at the gym, and, well, elsewhere in life—it’s been a tough year. The convo got around to diet, and that’s when he invited me to be part of the pilot for his nutrition training program. It came at just the right time and I was in a place where I needed the help. So I jumped at the opportunity. First step, a series of before snaps in my shorts. Second step, simply follow the plan and track everything. Twelve weeks go by fast. There were ups and downs, including Thanksgiving when I consumed about five times the carbs in my plan. [There  are nothing but carbs in pie? Who knew?] Long story short, the effects have been amazing. Within a few weeks, I was back in clothes that I had previously, ahem, set aside. Over the twelve weeks, I dropped ten pounds. But the weight is the least of it. I trimmed down, had more energy, looked better, and my performance at the gym improved many fold. Sugar cravings abated. Sleep improved. I can also see through walls and bend iron with my mind. Kidding aside, and most important, my blue mood—actually, let’s call it low-level depression—has lifted. I just looked back at the Week 1 pics compared to the Week 12 snaps, and the difference is pretty remarkable. If you are ready for a change, and if you can give yourself up to a program, this one works.” 
-- Tom Moss

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