Violet Maka

Violet Maka


• CF-L2
• Registered Nurse
• ACLS and BLS

Violet was a multi-sport athlete growing up. Soccer and basketball were her primary sports and she supplemented training for those sports with track and cross country. One of her favorite parts of school sports was lifting. Violet enjoyed going to the gym and lifting more than all of her teammates, which eventually earned her the nickname “gym rat”.

Violet went on to play basketball at a junior college, followed by 2 years of basketball and soccer at an NAIA D1 college, Brescia University in Kentucky. After finishing up her degree in Biology, she went back home to where she obtained her NASM personal trainer certification and trained clients at conventional gyms. She eventually went back to school for a graduate nursing program at Rush University. During her 2 years as a nursing student, she found CrossFit.

After obtaining her masters in nursing, Violet started working in the ICU. Being a nurse in the ICU really showed her the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout life. She says, “When a person was in the ICU, they were really sick. It was tertiary intervention; improving one's outstanding symptoms through medication and invasive procedures. For the most part, those patients maintained their unhealthy habits after leaving the hospital. I didn’t feel like I was making a lasting impact, besides improving symptoms and getting them back to baseline. Being a personal trainer and CrossFit trainer, I believe primary intervention is critical in preventing chronic disease through the reduction of risk factors. Helping others create healthy lifestyle changes.” Violet believes personalizing education about fitness, nutrition, and mental health goes a long way in making a lasting impact.