Megan Molloy

Megan Molloy


• CrossFit Level 1

Megan knows everyday life can wind out of our control but believes a grounding force can be found in caring for your body physically and mentally. Her goal as a coach is to help people strengthen and build this foundation.

From a household of ten, Megan grew up naturally competitive and fell in love with basketball at a young age. This passion continued through college, but after completing her athletic career at Dominican University, Megan found it difficult to fill the void of competition. She began to coach girls basketball at Lane Tech High School, but she still missed her teammates and coaches constantly pushing her to improve every day. One day while searching for new exercises on Youtube, Megan stumbled upon CrossFit and immediately fell in love. A quick google search led her to Windy City in 2013.

When Megan first walked into Windy City she did not know what a WOD, BOX, or AMRAP was, but shortly after joining Justin nicknamed her Molloy and that was that- she had found her new passion. Windy City was the competition and structure she had been lacking. She realized how much her athletic skills were improving with the strength training and even began incorporating it into her workout programs as a Lane Tech basketball coach. She began researching and reading articles and eventually decided to get her L1. She soon realized that it wasn't just CrossFit she loved but the environment and variety of workouts Windy City has to offer. Megan still enjoys playing basketball and coaching girls basketball at Lane Tech high school while continuing her journey with Windy City.